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Spark 5-Star Success Pathway Course

A new era of experiences has begun. With the 21st century dubbed the experience economy, we have seen a major shift from people desiring 'things' to desiring meaningful moments and purposeful journeys. What is driving this massive shift?

Experts believe it's due to three key factors: a more holistic perspective on what leads to happiness, the growing impact of social media, and an increasing fear of missing out.

We can't ignore that social media has opened people's eyes up to a world beyond their own. And we also can't ignore that peoples' happiness has been declining for years. People around the world are the unhappiest they've been in 50 years, and the happenings of 2020 have only amplified that. 

This has created a 'perfect storm' for the hospitality, travel & leisure industry to thrive. But not just any experience will do! The experiences that are worthy of a 5-star rating are the ones that actually elevate the happiness levels & feel good emotions of their visitors & guests. It's no longer about offering just a place to sleep, surface-level sight-seeing, and the sort of attractions that have contributed to overtourism.

In fact, we are seeing major backlash against these types of activities and destinations. These experiences will not survive in this new era. Now is the time to re-imagine the experience you offer visitors and guests with a greater awareness of emotional & aesthetic intelligence, positive psychology & design, wellbeing, culture, storytelling, and more.

And the Spark 5-Star Success Pathway will help you do just that! Whether you manage or market a hospitality destination, lodging property, tourism activity, or you're a travel designer, this holistic approach will help you create a desirable experience that visitors & guests can't get enough of. 

7 Modules


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Magnetizing Brand Personality

Create an irresistible identity that magnetizes your dream visitors and guests

Culture and Sense of Place

Learn how to integrate culture and sense of place deeper into your destination

The 5-Star Journey

Map out your elevated, 5-star journey and the captivating story that stems from it

Modules for this product 7
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