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Spark 5-Star Success Pathway Course

A spark is a little thing, but it may kindle the world.

Everyone wants to attract the high-value traveler, but not everyone is prepared to do what it takes to create the enriching experiences they desire. These discerning guests seek out properties that deeply immerse them into the local culture, and purposeful experiences that take them on a meaningful journey.

Without a sharp understanding of today’s evolving traveler, hosts are stuck in the old way of doing things (i.e. heads in beds, surface-level sightseeing). The new way of creating experiences focuses on engaging people in ways they aren’t used to, with a heavy emphasis on creating interactive, immersive moments.

This new way is informed by positive psychology, behavioral & neuroscience, and emotional intelligence. And this is what you will learn inside the Spark 5-Star Success Pathway. Stop guessing about what guests desire, and start creating activities, workshops, spaces, and retreats that impact people deeply!

The Spark Pathway is for you if…

  • You’re tired of constantly competing with similar properties, experiences, or tours
  • You struggle to express and communicate the value of what you offer guests
  • You feel like you keep throwing money at marketing, but nothing moves the needle
  • You’re pivoting and looking to attract guests that share your values and passions
  • Most importantly: you wish to make a greater impact in your guests’ lives & the world

The Spark Pathway is our most comprehensive course, continuously being updated with new resources, insights, and strategies. Inside is one of our most innovative and powerful tools for creating enriching experiences: an interactive storyboard journey map that will guide you through the process of infusing each moment of your guest experience with more emotion, meaning, and magic! This tool will enable you to transform your experience into something totally unique and highly desirable. This tool is only available to Spark members and those who work one-on-one with us through The Storied Experience

What will you create in this world? Join us inside the Pathway to ignite your experience’s immersive potential.

7 Modules


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Magnetizing Brand Personality

Create an irresistible identity that magnetizes your dream visitors and guests

Guest Understanding

Uncover what motivates today's modern travel and leisure consumer to book

The Cultural Narrative

Learn how to integrate culture and sense of place deeper into your destination

The 5-Star Journey

Map out your elevated, 5-star journey and the captivating story that stems from it

Modules for this product 7
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